SR1M : Sim Kad Rakyat 1Malaysia

Sim Kad Rakyat 1Malaysia (SR1M) is one of the new product under 1Malaysia brand, offering much cheaper telco rate to help the low-income earners in Malaysia, to encourage the uses of smart phones and communication technologies.

SR1M is said to have a quality which is comparable to other brands that provide the same services (Digi, Celcom, Maxis etc) in Malaysia.

The target users of SR1M will be the low and middle income group who live in rural or urban areas. Young people would be the second potential target groups to enjoy this low rates Sim Kad Rakyat 1Malaysia.

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BN’s Changes are being enjoyed

The benefits from the long awaited transformation programmes that have been implemented and carried out by the Barisan Nasional Government during the course of the last three years, are now being unanimously and enthusiastically enjoyed by the all of the people of the country, said Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“During the last three years alone, real change has been seen taking place and the people of this country are noticing. Imagine what we can accomplish if we have another five years to work on it. We can definitely continue to make even more chang es and come up with many more ideas, so believe and trust totally in our promises that we are making. These promises are either fulfilled, or will be,” said Najib during his speech at the launching of the Malacca Urban Transformation Centre (UTC), and “Janji Ditepati”.

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Studying the new mechanism for a better BR1M

The government is still studying the new mechanisms so that BR1M could bring more impacts to the needy. One of the outcome is the recently launched, BR1M 2015 which the allowances will be paid 3 times in a year.

Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, Tan Sri Dr Mohd Irwan Abdullah Serigar said that is to prevent the recipients from spending the money on non-essential goods. He made the statement during post Budget 2015 event organized by the Malaysian Economic Association and University of Malaya yesterday.

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BR1M 2015 will be paid 3 times annually

So here it comes a better version of BR1M – at least to discourage BR1M recipients to simply spend their allowances on the unnecessary things, it’s confirmed that BR1M 2015 will be paid 3 times for next year. The recipients shall receive they payment in January, Mei and September 2015.

This was announced by our PM in today’s in the Bajet 2015. The amount of the allowances has gone up as well. Unlike last year, this time the eligibility has been broaden to the families who earn RM4000 or below a month.

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Blood Moon Malaysia falls on 8 October 2014

Blood Moon, also as known as gerhana bulan can be seen on 8 October, Wednesday here in Malaysia. Malaysia uses the time zone of UTC +8:00 so the scene estimated will start from 5:15pm to night time 8:30pm.

For East Malaysia residents, moonrise is slightly early, at around 6:30pm the moon is clear in the sky. While in KL, the sunset only start to happen around 7:15pm, so you may only see the moon after 7:30pm, when the sun is fully gone from the sky.

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5 tips to overcome fuel hike

The extra 20 sen per liter is nothing if you are aware of the proper ways driving your vehicles. Below is the top 5 working but rare mentioned tips on how you can save money on the road.

1. Schedule maintenance

This is important to keep your car at the best condition. Check major component like engine and tires to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. Problematic car consume more 10% on the road, so send your car to the nearby workshop today.

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Recipients agreed to stop BR1M

Datuk Seri Hasan Malek made a statement regarding the new  fuel price hike will not burden the people. He supports and urge the people to trust on the prime minister as every movements is to strengthen the country’s economic.

He said that we all should wait for the good news in coming Bajet 2015 which is going to be presented by Najib next week. Despite GST and the new 20 sen fuel price hike, he urge all of us should be positive as we are toward to become a developed nation.

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