16 interesting facts about Facebook

16 Unique Facts About Facebook

Facebook ranks first in google search list in the entire world .
Facebook ranked second largest after Google website traffic in the first place
Facebook is the largest social network in the world .
Dated February 4, 2004 mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook for the first time his ketia he was a student at Harvard University .
27% of Facebook users do not display their relationship status .
Facebook is translated in 70 languages ​​.
Facebook users oldest age 104 , she is Lillian Lowe who came from Wales
30 million people change their Facebook status every day .
40 million Facebook users visit the page Texas Holdem Poker every month .
In 2006 Yahoo offered $ 1 million to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook stake fatherly rejected . Facebook in bandrol 2009 at a price of $ 4 million , while this year is estimated it costs $ 8-11 million .
Facebook estimated to be worth 32 billion pounds .
In England and America the average 31 -year -old Facebook user , but in the Indonesian State average age was 20 years .
Indonesia ranks second Facebook users around the world with approximately 40 million users .
The average Facebook user has 150 friends .
Mark Zuckerberg owns 25 % stake in Facebook , and one of the other existing shareholders of Microsoft with 1.3 % .
Facebook employs approximately 1800 employees in 12 countries .