5 top genius Islam kid

The following is the 5 top genius Islam kid

1 . Akrit Jaswal

Akrit Jaswal who has an IQ of 146 ( smartest man in India ) since the age of 7 years he was able to do a self-taught surgical operation

2 . Sayyid Muhammad Husein Tabataba’i

Sayyid Muhammad Hussein Tabataba’i a child who has managed to memorize the letters in the Qur’an and able to interpret it. He also received the title of Doctor of the age of seven years in the Hijaz Collage Islamic University in the UK .

3 . Abdurrahman Farih

The earth Algeria, a child of three years old genius named Abdurrahman Farih able to memorize the Quran just listen to others recite the Quran, since it is still in the mother’s womb .

4 . Ali Yakubov

In Russia the emergence of the verses “Al Quran ” around the body of nine -month -old baby named Ali Yakubov , has made 2,000 Muslims of northern Russia came to see it.

5 . Syarifuddin.The Caliphate

Syarifuddin.The Caliphate , a child prodigy , was born in Arusha , in northern Tanzania ( a country in East Africa ) at the age of one and a half years was able to memorize the Quran and is also able to offer prayers five times a day . What is even more surprising when he was not a child of Muslim parents . He has circumcise more than a thousand people.