Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia 2014 to pay twice

BR1M distributionto be conducted twice a year is recommended as an effort to encourage the people to spend prudently than distributions at once before.

However the proposal of this is still in the research stage.

The Banks said the country is still fine-tuning the model fit a donation directly to the income between RM4000 and RM5000 per month.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni said after opening the People’s Religious Schools in the village Eshaniah Datuk Ahmad Said Extension 2 in Manjoi near Ipoh.

Means the people of Malaysia (BR1M recipients 3.0) no longer need to bother listening to lectures and a long queue for getting cash from the hands of their own political leaders.

Fuel subsidies have been gradually withdrawn from Malaysians cause chain increases the cost of living of all Malaysians. At least by giving BR1M 3.0 Malaysia this time can help lessen the burden experienced now.