Bantuan Rakyat Malaysia is for young and the unmarried

The Prime Minister said the BR1M 2.0 distributed to the people is more beneficial than BR1M because it is also given to those who are unmarried and young.

At a ceremony attended by over 20,000 people, he criticized the opposition for making promises that they do not meet , such as in Selangor .

He said under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP ) , who assisted through various programs such as the BR1M , school aid and so on .

” Recently , I visited Egypt and see the situation in the country after the revolution that overthrew the old regime .

” Some people here stoke revolutionary fervor similar . They said the reform , but reform is better than the transformation ? Reform or protest or throwing a chair ? Transformation means that the people who helped.

” Felda settlers a windfall gain of RM15 , 000 fine for a home loan and an annual bonus . This is the national transformation agenda . Reforms have nothing to offer . “