BR1M 3 is more than RM500

BR1M 3 is more than RM500, as the Government to look also to families who earnbetween RM4 , 000 and RM5 , 000

IPOH : The government is considering providing assistance to families who earn between Malaysia RM4 , 000 and RM5 , 000 a month to cushion the impact of rising cost of living and the movement to rationalize fuel subsidy .

Finance Minister II Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said yesterday that the Government was considering the needs of households and ways to help .

He said families earning more than Rm3 , 000 but less than RM5 , 000 were also affected by higher prices and fuel subsidy rationalization .

” The government wants to identify whether these households can be categorized as vulnerable target or group to receive government assistance. BR1M ( Bantuan Raykat 1malaysia) will be given to households that earn RM3, 000 or less, but for families who earn between RM4 , 000 and RM5 , 000 per month, the government is to identify if they need help and the best way to help.”

” I can not reveal details at this time. It is best to wait until the day of the presentation of the budget.The important thing is that the government is focusing on these homes. “

When asked whether these households would be given BR1M , Ahmad Husni said the modalities on how the government would help would be announced in the budget.

He reiterated that the issue is still being studied and that the government was looking at it from various angles. The minister said the proposal to help these families , which is in the form of an entry in one of the discussions pre – budget , do not suggest that extends BR1M them.

” The input we received did not suggest that the assistance is in the form of BR1M . I can not say today if the assistance would be in the form of money.

” This is because the government also needs certain strategies to safeguard their situation (financially ) . “