Letter of Siti Hajar binti Aladin to Najib Razak

Letter of Siti Hajar binti Aladin to Najib Razak

I am writing this is … the courage in me where I want to make Malaysia a Rapidly Developing Country Emerging not .

In recent years the issue of oil akhirini said. Some say our neighboring countries more expensive oil than in Malaysia . Yes. I agree about that statement but the idea to raise the price of oil is something that was light yet bersuluh not a smart idea . If today the government has raised fuel prices by 20 per cent , it is not just an impact on young people , but also the poor and the rest of Malaysia. The first day oil prices rise , food court at work I raise property bread by 30 cents . See ! Impact of oil increases . But if one day the price of oil fell by 50 cents even though , the price of bread rose 30 cents when gas prices go up will remain the same and there is no reduction . Perhaps it is small in the eyes of the rich value of 20 cents , but it is valuable to have just started our life.

My life journey is still far . New age of 27. Not married . But I already feel the burden that I will face for the next 10 years . What about my friends my own age , who have been married ? Sure they are more burdened by the crisis of rising oil prices . Arguably young youth are indispensable for the well being of State in the future, but I do not see how we can develop a sense of my own country while it is an oppression upon us . What people are saying oppression ?

About BR1M . In those given BR1M , sure they will be happy . BR1M increases have a major positive impact on the government because the government has undertaken a responsibility to help people , but at the same time prices have a negative impact on the greater good of all Malaysians receive BR1M or not . Why not BR1M budget used to subsidize oil ?

The government says that granting BR1M to the people to reduce the burden on those with lower incomes . But I do not see all that. Like I said earlier, when soaring oil prices , then prices will also soar . So the gift is by no means anything against the people. It is like a bad elbow . Last for , take it back.

Siti letter Aladin : BR1M @ Fuel Subsidy ?

Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak ,

Najib razakKadang time I thought , what is my privilege as a Malaysian ? Is contributor just economy without getting any benefits from their own country ? My salary in the middle income ( RM3 , 000 – RM5 , 000 ) . I am not eligible to receive BR1M but I am also in the category of tax payers to the government. Middle class incomes today is still difficult to buy a house because of the high cost of living . What is our niche which will someday lead the country itself ?

In turn , can be said of the unmarried graduate student , began a starting salary of RM2200 . Then they are not eligible to receive BR1M . Conditions for individuals to receive BR1M is below RM2000 . While for those who are married under RM3000 . Although their salaries Bottom RM3000 and eligible to receive BR1M , it is still not enough because they have dependents to be borne not only his wife but also education loan financing . To start , I’m sure Dato ‘ Seri already know how persistent someone to support his family .


Gross salary : RM2300 ( fresh graduates )
Net Salary : RM2032 ( still not eligible to receive BR1M )
Car : RM 400 ( a difficult area to get public transport in areas such as Damansara , then we need a car )
Toll : RM1.60 x 2 times a day : RM 3.20 x 23 days = RM73.60 ( via LDP , still do not receive the 20 % rebate touch n go )
Parking: 23 days x RM5 = RM115
Oil : RM 12 x 23 days = RM230 ( from Damansara and Taman Melati to work only)
Rent : $ 200 ( the cheapest in Kuala Lumpur for a room )
PTPTN : RM150 (minimum )
Eat for a month = RM 450 ( RM15 per day )
Mom Dad = RM200
Balance : RM2032 – RM400 – RM73.60 – RM115 – RM230 – RM200 – RM150 – RM450 – RM200

Siti letter Aladin : House Prices in Malaysia rally 

This is what I had gone through . Not be denied that there are also a few months I was not able to pay the PTPTN when in a desperate situation as renew roadtax and car insurance and when Feasts appears. Two conditions have to be passed that requires additional money .

When we look at the monthly balance of RM213.40 , then purchase a home for us was much less . Try Dato ‘ Seri see house prices today. In Taman Melati , Setapak for 660 sqf house price is RM150 , 000 and the interest rate of 4% for 30 years , then have to pay RM717 per month . How the youth today want to catalyze economic future? While the best investments come from Investment Properties .

I was about RM213 only able to buy a house costing RM40, 000 with a 4% interest rate for 30 years. How we can help make the country’s economy while our salaries just to afford a home RM40, 000 ? And where houses costing RM40 , 000 ? In rural areas it is not possible to make an investment . We need to look forward. 10 years, our youth will spearhead Malaysia . But it will not be successful if the top does not look and listen to our ideas .

Siti letter Aladin : Salaries Malaysians ?

Further more , the salary related degree and diploma holders . Can be said that most private companies do not want to pay the salaries according to qualification we have. They treat us the same as postgraduate SPM . Salary offered is not commensurate with the salary they deserve. Thank God, I was working in the GLC and the salary I earn is considered satisfactory. But what my friends and another youth ? Their fate is not like me . I suggest Dato ‘ Seri see how workers in the U.S. . Perhaps the U.S. has developed now this. We make a comparison in Australia receive a monthly salary for degree holders . Very different than in our country .

Next , the status of civil servants and private sector. This is a big problem we are facing. Most good companies GLC or semi – permanent GovAenjawat and there are also some companies do not make permanent servants but will remain as a servant of the contract. What I want to point out a problem that is related to housing loans very difficult . Although previous work has long been fixed and then got a better offer , but it is a contract , when making housing loans , it will be rejected on the ground of the contract worker . So house prices is increasingly rising. If you want to wait a year later after officials confirmed fixed , home prices have also been soaring , and we can not buy it. This is my problem now .

I as a Malaysian as well as a stick to BN leadership , I begged Dato ‘ Seri Najib Razak could figure out the problem we face today. As a leader respected around the world , I am sure Datuk Seri able to change and correct what they feel our burden .

thank you
sincerely ,
Siti Hajar binti Aladin