Mr. Bean did not convert to Islam

A few days ago , news celebrities famous for its humorous character , Rowan Atkinson , better known as Mr. Bean , rumored to have converted to Islam.

It all began when the news reported by the international website of and one of Israel’s media

In a press statement involved , stated Mr Bean explains that the main cause of his choosing Islam was after he watched the movie Innocent Muslims of the film that make defamation and insult the Prophet Muhammad.

Yet the alleged news also persuaded not authentic because without strong evidence . Following the news spread that gets the attention of all Muslims and Islamic countries , including in Malaysia.

Through its latest report as seen website to correct the report before contacting the nearest agent Rowan Atkinson , known as Lucy to get feedback on matters related
Lucy turned out to announce that Rowan Atkinson did not embrace Islam as alleged and at the same time , Mr. Bean himself has yet to issue a statement that he had converted to Islam.

Among the reactions , Mr Bean , he just shrugged his finger as a signal shahadat , while according to some source media portals , Sheikh Rashid Ghannousyi Nahdah party leaders from Tunisia also an individual who is said to teach and guide Mr Bean recognize Islam