Borang BR1M 2014 Online

In the new coming BR1M 3 registration, it’s believed the application of BR1M can be made at ehasil website.

Qualification for BR1M 2

• Households requirement for RM500

( i ) A Malaysian citizen
( ii ) The man or woman who is the leader of household with a monthly gross income RM3, 000 and below.
> Married ;
> Single parent with dependents aged 20 years;
> Single with dependents aged 20 years and below

( iii ) by herself elderly (aged 60 years and over , born in 1953 and younger ) with gross income
monthly RM3, 000 and below.


• Individuals who are eligible ( RM250 ) :
( i ) A Malaysian citizen
( ii ) Single ( including Widow / Widow / Widower ) with no dependents , aged 21 years and older (born in 1992 and younger ) with a total gross monthly income of RM2 , 000 or below .
• students who received 1Malaysia book vouchers is not qualified.

br1m 2014 form

Only successful applicants of BR1M will be eligible to claim payment. Permohonan BR1M 3 will be announce soon.

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