BR1M 3 will not be stopped – PR Kedah

Previously, Dr Mahathir suggested that the BR1M should not be continued in the Budget 2014 and thereby to reduce the people’s dependency on the government.

The statement has been apposed by many. Kedah PR disagreed with former Prime Minister Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir to stop to give people aids, BR1M 3 to the people.

He said the government should continue to provide assistance, particular to help those who indeed in need.

He however stressed that for those who can afford a properly living should not seek to be eligible to receive BR1M.

“For example , if the head of family got sick and there is no chance to recover , and while the wife have to go to work, then this is the group of people that needs to be given assistance of BR1M 3.

He said the government would otherwise have to find a way to train the less fortunate with an ability that can be a source of income.