PAS : BR1M 3.0 is not a good solution

Bantuan Rakyat Malaysia (BR1M) said to be not a good solution by PAS. Even the price of the goods is rising, PAS information chief Tun Ibarahim said, by increasing the amount of people’s aid is still not a solution.

He said that if BR1M is given at a maximum rate of RM1200 for a year, that is only monthly RM100 .

“Only people who know just how little value of that in these days, particularly when the Ringgit Malaysia ( RM ) were narrowed and the rising of the oil prices.

Yesterday, Najib announced an increase in oil prices of RON95 and diesel by 20 cents starting midnight.

Add Tuan Ibrahim , he should remember the oil rising to RM2.70 in the reign of former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, because the cost of goods and cost of living to be jumped dramatically.

“People will stand in line with the government if the government shows the correction at extreme wasting attitude.

He said again, after 13GE until now , the economic situation has not changed much, and measures to increase RM has not appeared.

Therefore , he said, rising oil prices is indeed a hitting action because it could lead to inflation when RM is declining.