TARC student killed near Taman Melati LRT

Pray for Chun Tai for early rest. R.I.P.

A trust for their p articipation in extremist religious caused mental distress “obsessed” the 26-year-old Malay deliveryman, Thursday morning delivery to the Gombak LRT station, a shop, a sudden stab of blue Chinese female shop owner Paul and Indonesian maids.

tarc student killed and died

TARC student killed 24 October 2014

After the suspects fled two kilometers outside the truck jumped the beauty Maserati LRT Station, at the traffic lights after the truck crashed into another one again crazy big hair, and get off with a knife stabbed and his 48-year-old Chinese theory trucks Drivers Li Jiayi, so the other died on the spot.

Then, the suspect fled by car about 200 meters away Shiyou Toyota Prius sedan crashed into another one, and then take advantage of the 25-year-old driver got off the official Guan Chun Tai, jabbing each other at least three knives that killed the other fell to the ground. 55-year-old mother of Yang Yan Hong Thursday night off to go to the hospital to identify the body after another was crying in the arms of his son, she said, well-behav ed sensible Chun Tai two years ago at the Raman University College Diploma after completion of public relations, continue to pursue a degree in economics and graduated in the next month.

“While still studying his lifetime, but he already very motivated and entrepreneurial partner friends in Bukit Bintang, a mall management boutiques.”  

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