Good things to do after wake up

I enjoyed a book called ‘the power of habits’ which I just finished reading last night. I realized I’d waste very much time on small things. We might say we’d plan things. But in execution you may not be aware of you took excessive time to get things done. For example you can finish your homework within 2 hours, but you took three, because you wasted sometime chatting and some YouTube videos during the execution period.

There are a lots of benefit to start a good habits in the beginning of the day. It helps you keep the good form of habits till the night. Below are few challenge I want to tackle myself.

Good things to do after wake up

– A protein shake

It simply mean nutritious breakfast. Study found people who skip breakfast tend to have more chances to get obesity. Breakfast is very important because it gives energy for your entire day! If you want a productive day you should never skip this meal.

– A quote or a verse

It’s time to forget your dream. Don’t lets the mind bother you, it’s a new day. A quote or verse let you focus on today and now, not terrible things you’d dream last night.

– Jog or even heavy workout

Sweat. I feel so good when I sweat and believe everyone should feel the same because we are same species. Study found sweating helps people to feel better. It’s not too late to know sit kills.

– Music

If you have no motivation to go to work you can start a song that you like. Turn on your phone and plug the earphone onto your ears during the journey you travel to work. I tried this. It make my workplace became fearless and I’ve more confident to do my work better.