Permohonan MRSM tingkatan 1 2014

This application is for those who had just sat their UPRS 2013 and interested to join MRSM tingkatan 1 batch year 2014.

The application is on 14 November 2014 after the announce of keputusan UPRS 2013 according to Majlis Amanah Rakyat on their official portal. The application welcomes candidate from East Malaysia and Sabah Sarawak.

Closing date will be on 27 November 2013. And all the documents required must be submit as late as 4 December 2013 by ALL applicants.

Permohonan MRSM tingkatan 1 2014


how to apply? Here’s the procedure:

Applicants need to get a password (free) in Pejabat Mara Negeri, Daerah or Maktab Rendah Sains Mara during the office hours. This can be made after the result of UPSR announced.

You have to bring you UPRS result in order to request the password.

You also have to make sure you fulfilled the requirement of Permohonan MRSM tingkatan 1 2014.

After that you can visit to

and finish the online application by completing the form.

Detailed information can visit