Government to ban vehicles aged 12 year-old

Government to ban vehicles aged 12 year-old and above?!

To encourage Malaysians to buy and use a new car like in Singapore, cars aged twelve years and above shall be banned soon to go to road.

“We want to protect the public. We don’t want the problematic drivers threaten the safety of passengers and other road users, ” Said Deputy Minister Of Transport, Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi.

old vehicle

“Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalanan is implementing it to nationwide. By providing the vehicles’ profile, we will be able to identify and  act on the driver who has outstanding summons to ensure they no longer can drive on the road.” he added.

Ban vehicles aged 12 year-old, what do you think? Common reason people appose this suggestion is because it may burden low-income families to change new car. It’s really funny to imitate Singapore, because we are really not there yet.