i-BR1M insurance up to RM30,000

Beginning of next year, the recipients of BR1M 3.0 (except 21 year-old category) will benefits from the i-BR1M insurance policy. This will starts in January 2014 nationwide.

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan said this i-BR1M insurance policy would follow the Islamic scheme insurance which covered up to RM30,000.

Estimated there will be more than 7.9 million who is going to receive this aid from the government of Malaysia.

The recipients would not have to pay for the insurance as the RM50 from the BR1M aid would cover the payment. There is no need for borang permohonan BR1M 3.0 to apply  for this scheme.

permohonan br1m 2014

What is i-BR1M 2014?

-> A BR1M recipient who dies or has involved in any incident that caused the person to be unable to go to work, their families will receive RM30,000 financial aid.