Tarikh BR1M 3.0? expected to begin in December 2013

Rumor Tarikh BR1M 3.0 in internet during last November said BR1M 3.0 will come after 3 weeks seem possible to become true. A viral photo claimed from Bilik Operasi BR1M stat BR1M 3.0 will start somewhere in the end of the year 2013.

In BR1M3.com itself, also, a user believed have internal information, had commented in a post that it will start before year 2014, making many waiters is excited about the official Tarikh BR1M 3.0.

tarikh br1m december 

You can call the hotline above to confirm the date but it’s not advisable because it will come one day. What we advice you to do is just be alert and wise. Because lately there was a case regard scam. Detail of the news can read in thestar news.