Online scam Malaysia rate believed to hike in 2014

The main factor of online scam hike in Malaysia is that the authority or law is ineffective to against online scammers. You hardly can claim your money back if you were scammed online, what more to say you’re in Malaysia. The scam cases believed to hike as the number of online users in Malaysia will increase.

The no.1 site that lead people to scammer is Quite surprise to see the amount of scam hit 7 digit ringgit! The statistic is not for whole year but from January to June 2013 only. It’s because people might not know is just an open classified, they bank in to un known seller.

malaysia online scam

The second highest goes to Facebook. The factor might still be the buyers didn’t practice COD. We believed there were more scam cases than the statistic shown above. Because those were reported cases; how about unreported cases? COD or buy in safer place, eg use buyer protection in lelong.