The education that uses ICT

I must gain something if I go to school. That is my attitude toward today’s competitive world.

Unlike in the past, many had a hard time to reach school to gain knowledge. But nowadays, even Youtube can be a great and efficient learning hub. ICT had been making impacts on education. Realize or not, we ourselves should be the one to find out the importance and the effectiveness of using the technology to equip ourselves. Please don’t blame government for the hike of electricity tariff, but it’s one’s value live comfort in a country by having enough wealth (don’t you know knowledge is wealth?) to do so.

With Google, you can find the simplest math formula until the most complex engineering theory. So you have no excuses to say that you can’t excel in something. It’s not the implementation of ICT in our education by whatever ministry, we are the one who are responsible for our own good, because it’s just our fingertip. Physical books for me, is just the alternative for the massive WWW knowledge hub. They are not only huge, but free. They can be access anywhere, at any time. What is that? Let not call it Facebook, because they can be so practical, it’s not a form of entertainment in the aspect of educating human being. I named it knowledge. It’s not merely a tool for you to check your BR1M 2014 result.

Spend some serious time to appreciate this platform and the resources available, you really can stand out. You may say everyone have this resources, but you must see not everyone know how to use it or gain benefit from it. Many use the internet for funny cat videos, they thought their teacher in school is the only guru. Everyone have the same 24 hr, but why some just didn’t make themselves to the top, instead they being a mediocre? Because they didn’t utilize their time properly. Use the internet for 3 hour for tutorial, after a year, you can be a teacher of something in your city. That’s 365 (maybe less) exercises in front of laptop free!

Let’s not Google and forget. Let’s Google to learn and apply. Of course this is not an easy journey because we have vary kind of distraction online.. Strive and excel, good luck to you especially students who are still in college.