Story of Fifi Athirah & a Bangla

This article gone viral on Facebook. And later on it had been investigated for its genuineness. So this is not yet another bluff story. Fifi Athirah herself has made a police report regard the sexual disruption case.

Here’s the English translation of what she has posted.

Today I called gas service. A male bangla reached to house.

Bangla : “You stay alone?”

Me: “No I’m married . I’m waiting for husband to come back from work.”

Bangla: “Do you have any drink? I want to have a drink.”

Me: “I don’t have. It was finished. And I haven’t boil any yet”

Bangla: “My girl has run away. Can I try once only? (With his eyes pointed at the bottom of me)

Me: “You go back now. You know my husband is a policeman.”

The bangla went off and Fifi Athirah made a report to that gas provider.


Fifi Athirah ( actually unmarried, but to avoid anything happen to her, she has to lie. She don’t have any provocation on race issue, just that she want to remind all of us to be careful.