Semakan Keputusan PMR 2013 online

Keputusan PMR 2013 will be released in the 3rd week of December 2013. Candidates can check their result online or through SMS around Christmas. The candidates of PMR this time were the last batch who have the exam of PMR.

Starting next year, no more PMR exam in secondary school. It will be abolished due to the new system – School-Based Assessment (SBA) that will be conducted by each schools.

The result of PMR is important especially for those who want to enter SBP, MRSM or technical school. The result will also reflects the ability of a student in performing science or art subjects. It helps student to choose which stream to study in upper level (Form 4 and 5) to do better in SPM later.

Semakan Keputusan PMR 2013 online



Check SMS: Type PMR [IC Number] [Angka Giliran] and send to 15888

Example: PMR 980310035879 AZ005W055 send to 15888


For parents (online):

Go to the SAP website.

Click the green colored button (labeled as Semakan Ibu Bapa).

Enter identification card or birth certificate. Select ‘sekolah menengah’ then click on ‘semak laporan’ button.