Popular Question of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia 2014

Below are the most asked questions in our Facebook page regard BR1M application 2014.

We want to say sorry for those who had posted question on our page but yet to receive any reply. In the beginning we tried our best to answer as many as we can but eventually we gave up because we found that there were too many repeating questions. Actually the users shall got all the important information if they read through our status updates from time to time.

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Q: It’s a must to update my information in order receive br1m 2014? I’m a benefits for the past br1m.
A: You will be listed still although you don’t do anything as you’re a qualified candidates in the past. However you must give up-to-date information like home address. It’s crucial so that any letter can reach you.

Q: Is it ok I don’t provide my bank account for the update? A: You will be credited like last time which the payment is in form of cash vouchers. But why don’t you spend just 5 minute to update, so that the money will be credited automatically into your bank? Otherwise, you will have to queue long during the payment day.

Q: Some said printing the form is unnecessary for online application?
A: It’s always good to have the printed proof so that you still qualified if there’s a mistake in the system. Likewise in the smartphone rebate program, the dealers approved whoever shows their printed receipt. If you have applied and didn’t print, it’s fine. Just that we advise for those who haven’t submit the application, it’s best to print and keep the receipt for safety purposes.

Q: I’m a past benefiter, and I’ve also updated my application. But I forgot to key in my bank account. What should I do?
A: The online update application can be done only once. So unlucky you can’t go back to use the system again. But you shall receive the payment manually as you didn’t give your bank details. You will soon got an announcement letter to know where is the location to collect your cash voucher. You can go to the nearby lhdn branches to do the manual kemaskini one more time if you wish to receive the fund by online banking method.

Q: Can I use any bank account for br1m application? since my father does not have any.
A: No. The name of the account holder MUST be same with the name of applicant. So theoretically, one account can only be used once. Just leave the bank field blank if you don’t have any bank account; you shall still receive the money by manual.

Q: When is the payment date?
A: The payment should begin in the coming February 2014. The Bantuan RM100 for student will end on 15 of February, and we expect the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia will start to be given after it.

Q: Is there any appeal that can be done if I failed to qualify after 31 January? Why the application is so short compare to last time?
A: No. No extend registration for the date of application this time. This is most probably because of the government have to implement i-BR1M insurance coverage with number of insurance companies. All eligible candidates must apply before 31 January.

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