The behaviors of the rich vs the poor

Today I woke up and as usually I start my day with some email checking and social network. I know that are really bad habits, and I knew I should have done other things else than turn on my laptop first.

I decided to change starting tomorrow after I found an infogaphic – Habits of the rich

  • The chart shows the common of the rich and the comparison with the poor.
  • More rich people maintain a to-do list while the poor don’t.
  • More rich people wake up early in the morning before 6 am.
  • Rich people read at least 30 min a day while only 2% of poor people practice that.
  • Most of the rich people like to read.
  • Poor people consume junk food and less exercise.
  • Poor people watch more TV than the rich. Most of the rich don’t watch TV more than 1 hour a day.

Summary in visual

rich vs poor

The distraction for us is not only TV in this technology driven world today. I tend to addict to medium like social media, online news, games etc. Maybe we’ve missed the good part of the internet. From my experience, good tools did for productivity and focus. It depends on use solely what app we use in our phone and PC.

My favorite all the time is  Rescue time, a tool that track your online activities included software usages and browsers’ activity. Perhaps we left our old man died in 2013, and live better in this new year, lets have a energetic beginning!