Semakan status BR1M online 2014

Semakan status BR1M online 2014 can be done in 3 ways after you’ve registered. The site of hasil is really confusing because under the tab ‘semakan status’, it required login id and password which the applicant will not receive upon registration.

That page is NOT for a normal applicant to use but for registered agency (Agensi berdaftar). Look at our snapshot below that pointed out the purpose of the page :

semakan status br1m online 2014

Semakan status BR1M online 2014

1. Pos

You shall receive the letter of confirmation when the payment date is approaching. if you succeed, you shall be inform the locations to redeem your cash vouchers.

2. Phone call

Call LHDN hotline 1-800-222-500 / 1-800-88-2716 (office hour only) But according to some feedback we received, you have to wait very long to get the phone call answered, so never call by mobile.

3. Email checking has been closed for the previously working at Use instead, and you shall receive reply in 1-2 working days. Give sufficient information to the support officers to assist you.

*Latest update from Bilik Operasi BR1M

kelayakan br1m update

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Note that for manual registered applicant, you may receive payment slightly slower than online applicants who gave their bank account because the cash vouchers take time to reach to your address. However the result is expected to be released stage by stage after Chinese New Year 2014.