Family Vacations on a Budget 2015

Whether you want to visit family, go somewhere you’ve never been, or stop by a spot that’s an old favourite; there’s no doubt that family vacations are a hot topic, not even two months into the year 2015.

So here you are, all packed and ready to go. You’ve got everything from band aids and bug repellent to iced coffee and Tylenol. But how do you get from one place to another and back again without blowing your budget out of the water?

family vacation 2015 budget

The first ste p is to actually have a budget. My husband fights with me about this, because I see our money as a mutual asset, and he sees it as a possession to be kept under lock and key. Not that I can blame him much. I have a nasty habit of impulse buying that tends to sink our budget, and sometimes that’s not retractable.

When it comes to travelling with family, both finances and destination play a big part in where you can travel, and how you can get there. For instance, if you have RM10,000 to spend, you may be able to travel to your favourite destinations, by car, or boat, or even plane. You may be able to take your entire family, and a few close friends to a hotspot for tourism. And you can enjoy a luxurious time while you’re at it. However, if your budget is considerably less, let’s say RM3,000; you may find yourself picking just one destination, and mode of transportation.

Limiting how often you stop is also key to travelling economically. My husband is a notorious beast when it comes to stopping during travelling time. And with three small girls, that’s something that easily agitates him. But he’s also got a valid point. Stopping too often gives you more opportunities to spend money where you shouldn’t. It is also a waste of time and gas, and you’re more likely to purchase food you don’t need, when you stop too often.

So here are some more tips for travelling on a budget in year 2015. Pack your own food. Usually a few beverage and snack choices will get you where you want to go, and you may only have to pay for dinner on the night you travel and get settled. Always shop around for discounts on hotels, motels and camping sites. Look also for package deals. Lots of places will give you a nice discount on your hotel stay when you purchase tickets to their park, museum or other tourist attraction. Travel light. Don’t weigh your vehicle down with luggage and people. The lighter your car, the better gas mileage you’ll get, thus saving you money.

If you’re looking to travel with your family, on vacation this summer, consider your budget, pack your own food, make as few stops as possible, and stick to your budget. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll hopefully enjoy a stress free break from the daily grind of the 9-5 and enjoy some much needed quality family time.