The people suggestion in BR1M 2015

Although there were many complaints for the process of the application of BR1M but we believed most of the applicants has received what they deserved in the end. Only small portion of the applicants did not submit or do not own a bank account to received the money directly. Perhaps more people will take the urges when the government in this time gave the priority to those who have bank detail for the payment. For your information, cash vouchers recipients shall received the aid slightly.

We have asked for suggestions from the people what can be done next year in for BR1M 2015 online. As expected, the people suggested that the qualified applicants need no to resubmit form as they believed the government should have got their detail in the past few application.

The second most up-voted ideas is that the housewife should get extra portion in BR1M. They claimed their family monthly income is merely enough for a living.

Another hot debates was the amount of aid given. We believed the BN can make RM1200 a reality in years to come as it’s profound in their manifesto. This is crucial for the next election as brim is one of the most eye-catching  promise among the people.

Other minor issues like website down and hotline not working are also people’s concern. Perhaps in time to come, the government can understand the number of request to the server in certain period is massive, and they should upgrade their technical feasibility before the launch date. One of our member complaint that the email address he sent had yet to reply him, in the end we’re informed they used the new address. Perhaps they should multiple the channels to inform the people regard the latest news and update if any.

Any other suggestion can use the comment box below.