Semakan Keputusan SPM 2013

SPM result 2013 or aka keputusan SPM 2013 rumoured will be released on 21 March 2014. The official date is yet to confirm by MOE, but it’s quite obvious it will be available around March.

You can check your result in 2 ways. The first option online checking through Sistem Analisis Peperiksaan Sekolah (SAPS) website, and the second paid option (which I personally think is better) is by SMS. It’s because usually during the day of result announcing, the web version will not function properly due to massive of requests to the server.

Here’s the format you need to use the sms service:

Type SPM [IC] [angka giliran] and send it to 15999

* Do not send multiple sms as it will not fasten the server to reply back to you.


Take this opportunity, I have prepared some guidance to all SPM graduate.

The most popular question asked by SPM grad :

“Where should I proceed? Form 6 and matriculation, Private College or university? ?”

Form 6 (STPM)

– Form 6 is for people who feel not ready to attend university. Base on its syllabus, indeed form 6 is made up of pra-university subjects. It’s is fine for those who haven’t made up your mind what to do in career. Even it’s fine you don’t know what your interest is.

– Form 6 is cheap. You just pay for the some textbook and very little school fee.

– You desired to enter public university aka government university.

– The drawback of Form 6 / matriculation is the subjects is so board and it’s so boring for many. It’s not so applicable in specified area of study. If you already know what area to pursue, study in form 6 is a waste of time (for me).

– It’s true that STPM is rated among the most difficult examinations in the world.

– Hell easy to be qualified. 6 credits ( C )in SPM is the minimum requirement and a must for BM paper.


Private colleges/universities.

– You have passion in certain area (which I think you should in the end)

– The drawback is it cost higher. But it can be overcome by getting the PTPTN loan.

– If your father is rich then it’s worth it. Find your passion and pursue it earlier, it could be very enjoyable for you.

– Alternative for a diploma is politeknik. But you’ll find the quality isn’t as good as many private colleges.


It doesn’t matter how bad is your result, because it’s never too late to succeed. I want to share a inspirational video with you.

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