Permohonan PR1MA 2014 Online

PR1MA (Perumahan Rakyat 1Malaysia), a scheme to help low-income earner to buy their first house. PR1MA is also opens for those who want it as their second home.

Eligibility to apply PR1MA

  1. For Malaysia citizen only
  2. Single or married and aged 21 year-old and above
  3. Individual or combined household income ranging within RM2500 to RM7500
  4. Owns not more than 1 property (husband and wife)

* Note that this low cost house sc home is not to be used for investment purpose, which means PR1MA homes must be occupied by owner.  PR1MA homes also will be allocated through an open balloting process.

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Permohonan PR1MA 2014 Online

permohonan pr1ma 2014 online

Any enquiry, can ask in or email to [email protected]

We advised you not to seek for 3rd party agent. Detailed registration and buyer guide can be found in official website –