Rayuan Permohonan BR1M LHDN

Appeal is open for those who didn’t make it to be a qualified recipient of BR1M 2014. Rayuan Permohonan BR1M 3.0 can be made at your nearby LHDN branch.

Meanwhile for those who had submitted their bank detail but yet to receive anything, you should have receive your payment not later on 25 February, Monday.

“We are still in the process of crediting the payment and everything should be done no later than Monday. So far, all goes well and we hope there are no interruptions during the process. However, we have set up an emergency plan if any disruptions in our system, “

If you didn’t please call the hotline 03-83138987/8988/8989/8990 to check your status.

Other reason to call is to ensure there is miss filled information given during the registration. Please note that the name of the bank account holder must be the same as the name of applicant. Another issue said by many was that some received less than expected. Some claimed they deserved RM650 but received only RM450. You can appeal and get paid after your application succeed.

You have to bring documents that could support you as a qualified applicant for example your payslip.

pendaftaran online br1m 2015

Please note that the end of the aid payment is 15 March. Do not make assumption too early especially those who receive by vouchers because it goes by stages.