BR1M beneficiaries encouraged to spend wisely

“Delivering the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) to the people has clearly shown the Government’s commitment in fulfilling its promises to the citizens” said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

Musa gave accolades to the Barisan Nasional (BN) for their high concern for the citizen’s welfare. The BN government, currently led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, has been able to fulfill the much awaited promises, and the people are happy and encouraged.

“The BN government has certainly amazed its people by delivering on its promises, which in no doubt proves that they keep their word.” said Musa on Tuesday at Dewan Sri Libaran after unveiling the BR1M 3.0 for the Libaran/Sungai Sibuga.

About 3,740 individuals from distinct categories were able to receive the BR1M just in the first phase. Musa went on to say “We are grateful that the introduction and presentation of BR1M in Libaran proceeded without any problems, and the people are amazed.”

He went on to advise the BR1M beneficiaries to spend the money wisely, hoping it would be a great relief that would considerably alleviate their burdens.

Musa declared that the BN government would not wait for the campaign period to effect its promises to its people. In fact, he asserted that the BN government was interested and committed to fulfilling all the promises it made to its citizens.

According to Musa, more developments and innovations would be brought to the people. He went on ahead to give the example of the PPR Sungai Manila that was recently set in motion by the Deputy Prime Minister.

In Kota Marudu District, particularly Matunggong sub-district, the first lot of BR1M recipients contained a total number of 5,032 people. At a ceremony overseen by the area’s MP Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili, 2,697 received the BR1M aids, while the 2,335 others received vouchers.

Among these beneficiaries in Kota Marudu, 2,000 individuals received the single people aid valued at RM 300, 135 received household aid valued at RM450 with an additional income of RM 650. Another 2,000 people received the household aid with an additional income of RM 3,000, and lastly 907 people, specifically senior citizens, bagged the RM 650 aid.

Ongkili asserted that Malaysia was undoubtedly one of the few nations that provided subsidies for a vast range of goods, services and other expenditures. Moreover, he said that the citizens were able to receive monetary aid, which somewhat reduced their cost of living.

He continued to say that subsidy rationalization is necessary to ensure that the subsidy beneficiaries were truly in need of the aids they get. He said “The Government will not do away with any subsidies, but it will rationalize them to ensure they help and relieve the people who need them most.”

Ongkili said “Subsidy rationalization is necessary to boost the economy, especially with all the investors’ expectations and the constantly rising cost of living”

He added that a large chunk of approximately RM 50 billion has been supplied to the people by the Government through subsidies for food aid, scholarships, cash, electricity tariff and others. Moreover, the Government paid RM 50 for all recipients of BR1M insurance.

Ongkili went on to say that the Government would always be a shoulder that people could lean on in hard times, especially the extremely poor who cannot afford basic commodities, let alone life insurance.

He asserted” The Government introduced the BR1M insurance cover due to its great concern for its citizens, with the uttermost aim of addressing the needs of the poor in distinct ways.”