letters to BRIM recipients before 15 March

The Government issues letters to BRIM recipients who haven’t received BR1M through banks PUTRAJAYA: Letters containing the BR1M 3.0 aid have been issued to all individuals who have not yet received the aid through their banks, uttered Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, the Second Finance Minister.

He declared that anyone who hadn’t received the BR1M payments was either not eligible for the aid based on their monthly incomes or hadn’t updated their personal information. For some, the personal information on their identity cards didn’t match up that on their bank accounts. Ahmad Husni said that any citizens who had failed to get the BR1M aid could appeal at nearest Internal Revenue Board, LHDN, offices, or through the LHDN website.

He said this today at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre after launching the MyResults applications. He asserted that these applications would be in use in all ministries by 2016. These applications, which are based on the Outcome-Based Budget (OBB), would incorporate the operations and development expenditure to ensure cooperation and efficiency of each ministry.

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak introduced the OBB with the attempt to curb the underlying problem of programme and projects overlapping between Government departments. The OBB ensures that resources are distributed fairly and according to the country’s priorities.

Three distinct ministries including the International trade ministry, the Industry Ministry and the Finance ministry have already used the MyResults applications. Other ministries have reported that they will incorporate the applications into their system stage wise and strategically.