Malaysia missing flight MH370 “found” in mystery

Officials ‘baffled’ by Flight MH370 mystery as the Hunt continues Officials assert that skilled search crews from nine countries are working round-the clock as the search for Malaysia plane broadens. The country civil aviation chief declared that these search teams are working ceaselessly across a vast swathe of the South China Sea but all these search efforts have yet to yield any evidence of the Malaysia plane.

Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said that officials are still perplexed with the mysterious disappearance of flight MH370 from radar screens on Saturday morning and are considering all possibilities. He went on to say “Regrettably, we haven’t been able to pinpoint the Malaysia aircraft, let alone a part of it.” 40 minutes after flight MH370 take-off from Kuala Lumpur, the aircraft went missing along with 12 crew members and 227 passengers aboard. The Boeing 777, which vanished in the seas between Vietnam and Malaysia, was cruising at 35,000 feet. Flight MH370, which went missing in fairly good weather, didn’t issue any distress call and had no indications of any underlying technicalities. “Many theories of the Flight MH370 have been formulated, experts around the globe have given their opinions about how the aircraft vanished and what could have transpired…We are a baffled lot too,” Rahman added. “For us to be certain on the events that transpired on that ill-fated day, we require parts of the Malaysia plane and any other concrete evidence for us to conduct a full forensic study.”

He noted that the answers to the plane mystery might take a considerably long time, giving the example of the 2009 Air France mystery which was solved after two years. He confirmed that despite checking in for the flight, 5 passengers did not board the plane, and according to protocol, their luggage was removed from the aircraft before take-off.

He went on to assert that although a hijack was one of the sea of possibilities of the happenings on that day, the government had no concrete grounds for a hijack speculation. Well, the presence of 2 passengers with stolen European passports sparked reasons to believe otherwise, but experts said that the use of fraudulent documents is quite normal and doesn’t prove a thing. Malaysia’s home minister had strongly suggested that these two passengers were of Asian descent on Sunday. However, Rahman dismissed this saying they were on “non-Asian “appearance. He went on to give the example of Mario Balotelli, a popular Italian footballer who is black. The 2 stolen passports, which were listed on Interpol’s database, belonged to Christian Kozel and Luigi Maraldi.

The International police agency declared that the two passports that had been stolen within the last two years were not thoroughly checked and urged all airlines to scrutinize passports systematically. The country’s civil aviation chief added that the speculations that Flight MH370 might have returned to the airport before vanishing form radar screens remains unfounded and unconfirmed. Rahman went on to encourage the people saying” We are conducting an endless search over a 50 nautical mile radius of Flight MH370 last known location.

With highly skilled teams from nine countries, we are also looking for the plane in the Northern straits of Malacca just in case the aircraft flew back. Rahman said,” 34 aircrafts are conducting the search during daylight, while 40 ships are working during daylight and at night. Vietnamese searchers’ allegations of potential sightings of the plane debris have yet to be confirmed and verified. Although no trace of Flight MH370 has been found, we are optimistic that the mystery will be solved soon.” A Vietnamese aircraft reported having seen a rectangular structure believed to be the missing plane’s door on Sunday afternoon.

However, the ships working around the clock could not locate it. Rahman added that Malaysian maritime officials also found traces of oil in the sea of South China, but lab tests confirmed that the oil was not from the Malaysia aircraft. Malaysia Airlines declared that it had uttermost concern for the passengers’ relatives, some of whom were already in Kuala Lumpur. It further asserted that because two thirds of the Flight MH370 passengers were of Chinese descent, the Malaysia Airlines had sent counselors to Beijing. “We are eternally grateful for the assistance we are getting from skilled teams and agencies, particularly at these hard times. We as Malaysia Airlines are similarly puzzled and we are incredibly humbled by the prayers, patience and support.”

Although Malaysia airlines claims to be on the forefront in assisting passengers’ relatives, many of the Chinese relatives are complaining that it hasn’t given them any support or concrete information, and as such, they chose to remain in Beijing. On Monday, an editorial in the renowned Global Times newspaper pointed a finger at the airline, as they went on to suggest,” The Malaysia Airlines didn’t act fast enough. It cannot simply avert its responsibility in the vanishing of Flight MH370.” The editorial went on to add, “Whatever the case that transpired, Malaysia Airlines should take responsibility.

If the disappearance was due to a hijack or terrorist attack, then loopholes in the security procedures at Kuala Lumpur were not intensive enough. If pilot error or mechanical breakdown is a valid theory to explain the Flight MH370 mystery, then Malaysia Airlines should assume full responsibility.”