BR1M 4.0 to be paid in monthly?

Previously for BR1M 1,2 and 3 is being paid once a year. Lately government is conducting a study whether in the future BRIM should be given out monthly or on yearly basis.

This study to come out with a system that would be able to help and educate the benefiters to spend the money more wisely throughout the year.

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanazlah said the matter has been brought to the Cabinet level.

He also mentioned when the government will give the best assistance for those who is having 4-5k monthly income. He said he cannot promise and confirm anything yet, as we have to wait for the tabling of the budget.

br1m 4.0

“The first daft of has been presented to Prime Minister to strengthen the distribution of the BR1M. It will be more than RM500 in BR1M 4.0.”

It seem the new system is coming out very soon. Good news for all of us, especially who failed to obtain anything this time. According to a survey we’ve done in Facebook, most of the people agreed that It’s best for the aid to be paid monthly so the people will not take for granted on the aid.

Are you ready for BR1M 4.0? It might come before year 2015!