Permohonan passport Malaysia kali pertama

What should you prepare for Permohonan passport Malaysia kali pertama?

– If you are an adult, just bring along your IC and cash and go to UTC in your area. Beginning year 2014, the upgraded system allow you to take photograph on the spot, just make sure you wear collar shirt. There is no charge for the photograph service.

You must photocopy your IC and bring along your original IC if you are applying for the first time.

For those who is from Sabah and Sarawak, the first time application of passport can only be made in Pusat imigresen Putrajaya, and you must have a photocopy and a origianl copy of your sijil lahir. It could takes 1-2 weeks to issue your passport.

– For children who’s below 12, bring along your myKid Card else sijil lahir.

If you’re in KL / Selangor, we would advise you to go to the following places (click for map):

1. Pusat imigresen Putrajaya

2. UTC pudu sentral

It’s because they could handle more applications. For instances, at Pudu Sentral they accept and process up to 400 passport applications in a day. Thus, your passport can be done within an hour or less.

How to go to pudu sentral?

From KL sentral > Majis Majek > Plaza Rakyat. Pudu Sentral is just besides the train station.

Office hour

You are advised to depart as early as 7 am, because usually the crowd is there even before 8:30am. In my personal experience (weekday), I reached there by 7:30am, and my turn came around 10:30am. There was once I reached by 11am, the counter of ticketing closed as it has reached 400 limit a day.


– bring your own pen

– charge your phone full to avoid boredom

– depart as early as possible

– do not wear slipper and non-collar t-shirt (Putrajaya is strict for this)


RM100.00 for 48 Pages (Valid for 2 years)
RM300.00 for 48 pages (Valid for 5 years)
RM600.00 for 64 pages (Valid for 5 years)

You shall get discount if you’re a senior citizen or children below 12 year-old.