Government to revive BR1M 4.0 for better implementation

Indeed, the impact of 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M 4.0) to the needy, oppressed, less-privileged and low income earners can never been overemphasized. This aid has really serves as a succour to many disadvantaged persons and has eventually restored hope to many families. Unfortunately, the exact plan for this life-helping mission had not been meeting up with the expectation it was planned for. In that regard, the government is really eager to revitalize and establish a more suitable means of implementing and administrating this aid program to the oppressed people.

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak unveils that the primary reasons for initiating Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia 2015 by government is to provide financial assistance to the poor. In addition, to make subsidy policies that will favor both the poor and the rich.

Though, this aid program had not been going as planned yet, the government is really ready to perfect this program to suit the citizenry. Mostly in the parliament meeting, the quest to revitalize the 1Malaysia People’s Aid 2015 had always been the head of discussion. Indeed, this aid program reveals the enormous concern of the government to the citizens especially to the disadvantaged, oppressed, disables, poor and their likes.
One awful incident about this aid-oriented program expedition is that, some people have been fighting against it.

To be candid, this philanthropic program from the government is to provide assistants to the people and eventually help in stabilizing the economy of the nation. Report has shown that most people have benefited from this amiable program, which does not cost anything. This is a good testimony of humanitarian and welfare project from the government. There were a lots of effort to give back to the people, for instance recently skim myhome has been receiving a lots of positive feedback from the society. However, this aid project cannot be effectively carryout by government if the citizen are not supporting it. One of the means that the citizens can support to this project is by complying the regulations and rules of this project, and be committed during the registration period.

Government to revive BR1M 4.0 for better implementation

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Among the missions of BR1M 2015 program is to make a good subsidy policy that will help both the poor and the rich. In that regard, government has been ensuring that subsidy policy does not affect the citizens adversely. Indeed, the government most times do not fund completely for the subsidy because they are more interested in the poor citizens. This is because, it was noted that most funded subsidy unfavourably affect the poor while the rich people takes advantages of it.

Obviously, the welfare of the citizens especially the low income earners are the precedence of the government in making decisions. More so, the government is so intensive in ensuring that expenditure on capital project such as funding subsidy must be sustainable. In that regard, the government will surely assist for the sponsor of the subsidy program, when there is increase in revenue, said by Najib.

In the attempt of the Minister of Finance, Najib responding to the question about the government value management, he reviews that the government only sponsor project that will be worthwhile to the economy of the nation. He portray that, projects that have value will play a significant role in the economic and national development. Moreover, in awarding such projects, the government ensures that the qualified and eligible contractors are hired.