Free digital TV for BR1M recipients in 2015

The digital TV known as Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) – an advancement of analog television shall reach to 2 millions BR1M recipients in 2015 next year. They can enjoy HD content with the distribution of a set-top boxes. BR1M 2015 believed will begin in January 2015.

The set-top boxes will only cost a few hundred ringgit, said deputy project director of Puncak Semangat Mohamed Redzwan.

“Free distribution will reach those who are among the most needy under BR1M programme, but they may not be the only recipients to get free set-top boxes.”

Besides BR1M recipients, e-Kasih recipients is also to received such benefit.


DTT vs analogue

The project cost about 4 billion, expected to be rolled out in 4 phase in February in different states.

With the launches of DTT, analogue television  technology is fading out. Broadcaster such as RTM and TV3 will have to move to a full digital platform. The new platform should enable them to broadcast more channel.

Communication and multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery said RTM may have 5 additional channels by 2016.