i-BR1M paid out more than RM20 million within half year

KUALA LUMPUR, June 27 — The 1Malaysia People’s Takaful Insurance Group has paid out RM20.37 million to those BR1M benefits within half year of time. There had been 6,483 cases from January 1 to June 25 in 2014.

Deputy Finance Minister, Datuk Ahmad Maslan, mentioned the statement as a result of deaths from incidents engaged 476 cases worth RM14.28 million.

“For deaths that are typical, i- BR1M has paid out RM6 million regarding 6,004 circumstances. For incidents on account of crashes the party has settled RM90,000,” he explained.

Ahmad said many individuals who have been eligible to receive the support were unaware of i-BR1M.

Meanwhile the PM has yet to announce the bonus for Hari Raya 2014. The only clue that can be found is this rumour :

br1m 4.0. hari raya 2014

* update. Someone has misused the name of Cuepacs and spread fake news in Facebook.

* All appeal of BR1M should be settled in latest July. In the end of June, few members have claimed they’ve gotten their RM650 credited into the bank.