Kiki Kamaruddin aka Gadis Peugeot apologized

Video of a car accident in Kuantan which involving a girl raging became prevalent topic on the internet. The main character Kiki Kamaruddin aka Girl Peugeot through the social media channel had apologize for her hasty actions.

Regarding the viral video, Kiki was asking people to give a chance as the future of her children. Kiki also tell the media to eliminate the video from the internet.

And speaking of racism issue, Ms. Kiki gave this respond :

I know it sound racist to call people “chinese”, sorry! I have previous experience with a Chinese lied to me for my money.

According to Kiki, the saturation limit her uncle. He bags the netizens not to make fun of her.

National police chief Tan Sri Khalid said he will investigate and take action on that issue.

the woman will be investigated according to law for acting as road bullies on the street.

Gadis Peugeot

but since the victim had let go the case, the work of the investigation probably has stopped.

Our advise to all : Think before you act!