12 1Malaysia Incentive programmes that you might not know

When we talk about 1Malaysia incentive you might thought of BR1M, but actually there are other 12 programmes that you might not know. The government has been trying to come out with a plan that can cover the needs of every entity in the country.

One of the most successful scheme rather than BR1M is 1Malaysia health clinics. It has helped more than 1.5 million people by charging a low cost medical fee for the needy.

1Malaysia Incentive programmes implement base on the central ideology of 1Malaysia values and the challenges would be how these plan to be delivered on the ground.  

12 1Malaysia Incentive programmes

Pusat Bersalin Berisiko Rendah 1 Malaysia

A high quality maternity centre for the public. Mothers are charged only RM3 for delivery including for treatment, room, medicine and food, while the fee is waived for civil servants. Part of the government’s initiative to provide quality healthcare at an affordable price.

Klinik 1 Malaysia

50 clinics nationwide were opened with a ratio of approximately 3-4 clinics in each state in high density, low income areas to ensure that the Rakyat always have access to reliable and immediate medical attention. Visits to these clinics only cost RM1 for medical treatment.

Klinik Bergerak 1 Malaysia

A series of 171 mobile clinics servicing rural areas that are out of range of standard healthcare services. These include dental and eye services and have benefitted 1,600 villages in both the peninsular and East Malaysia.

Free Medical Treatment for Senior Citizens

Effective 2012, senior citizens can enjoy medical treatment for free without having to pay a token RM1 towards treatment. An initiative that will benefit over 1.5 million Malaysians.

1Malaysia Student Discount Card

A discount card given free to Malaysian students in Higher Learning Institutes doing more than a year of study for diploma, cert, degree and above. Students stand to enjoy discounts of between five and 60 per cent for goods and services from more than 2,600 outlets of 264 participating companies. The goods and services include books, stationery, sports attire, transport, accommodation, food and drinks, health clinics, automotive workshops and recreation services.

Back to School Initiative

Under this initiative, 5.3 million primary and secondary school-going children received RM100. School fees were also removed, allowing Malaysians to enjoy free public education for the first time in Malaysia.

Program Susu 1 Malaysia

Free milk was provided to more than 3 million students in primary school with the aim to build a generation of healthier and stronger Malaysians while encouraging the growth of Sabah’s dairy industry.


An education-centric programme aimed towards low-income students by providing free tutoring for UPSR, PMR and SPM subjects online or through conventional means. The programme started out with 4,000 UPSR students and 5,300 PMR and SPM students enrolled in Selangor, double the initial expectation. RM2 million in funding was added on, with the goal of reaching 200,000 students with nationwide coverage.

Bantuan Buku 1 Malaysia (BB1M)

1.3 million students in public and private local institutions and higher learning received RM200 worth of book vouchers. An initiative aimed towards easing the burden on students while cultivating a healthy interest towards reading amongst Malaysians.

Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia (SL1M)

To provide internship/trainee provisions for fresh graduates by GLCs upon graduation to train soft skills. Companies participating under this scheme will also receive double tax deductions on allowances and training expenses. 100 companies.

1Malaysia People’s Textiles Store

Stores offering high quality material and clothing at low cost, with discounts of up to 70%, with the objective of helping those in the lower-income group to buy fabrics to make clothes, school uniforms, curtains and other necessities. 31 such stores are expected to open in the next two years.

Kedai Rakyat 1 Malaysia (KR1M)

There are currently 35 stores in Peninsular Malaysia that offer approximately 250 KR1M labeled essential products at 30-50% cheaper than regular stores and hypermarkets. The government is targeting is to open 85 more units the end of 2012.

Skim Keselamatan Makanan 1 Malaysia (SK1M)

An ongoing initiative to inspect all food items produced by small and medium industries before they enter the market by 2014. This measure aims to improve the quality of food safety through strict regulation.

Menu Rakyat 1 Malaysia

A meal programme available in 700 participating outlets that offers RM 2 breakfasts and RM4 lunches. A scheme that deals with rising inflation by offering subsidized food to the public. This scheme will be extended to 3000 outlets by year end 2012.

Teksi Rakyat 1 Malaysia (TR1MA)

A scheme that provided RM520 vouchers for a total of 2,264 taxis and hired vans drivers to bear the cost of changing tyres. Part of a series of government initiative aimed towards taxis drivers to tackle rising costs and boost the industry.

There are other incentives that are not under 1Malaysia scheme, for example  rumah idaman spnb. You have to engage closely with those ministry that you might interested actively. If you need visual information about above schemes, visit here and look into the videos to understand more.