People expects better channels to communicate for BR1M 2015

It’s July and some benefiters were just saying their appreciation on BR1M facebook fanpage that they had gotten their appeal and cash into the bank. It’s a good thing people found the channel to stay connected. In the next BR1M, people wanted so badly more working channels to communicate, discuss and to know the status of their application. We were receiving massive of  question in blog’s comment section and in page, but unfortunately most of them just left unanswered. This is because those 2 places weren’t the place to do so, we meant people is expecting government to establish more effective communication channels during the period of the giving of the 1Malaysia aid.

Thousand of netizens complaint the hotline weren’t responding, and for some time the website is down. Obviously the new online system is insufficient to supply the audience of about 7 millions applicants and potential applicants.

“ I’m so frustrated that my email hasn’t getting any respond. I’d send so many time. What is the point of opening up email support if there is no reply for our questions? ” – Lim raged.

“ My application got rejected. Strangely my I was a succeed applicant in the br1m 2012 and 2013. Any flaw in the new system? When is my br1m rayuan will get approved? ” – Ahmad posted his disappointment in br1m 3.0 facebook page.

Perhaps a public forum is needed as a knowledge base to help the people in the coming BR1M 4.0. The government actually had the experience of handling huge amount of audience online. They did well like in the ptptn portal. From time to time there were huge numbers of student who keep asking the same questions, but somehow the support staffs were able to control the crowd. Self service online system would be the best , so that the people can know instantly their doubt, like the date of payment of their application.