Xiaomi Mi4 vs iPhone 6, which one better?

MI4 launched few months before the iPhone 6, so in term of spec there would be minimal advantages for the iPhone 6. But lets not compare spec alone, let’s be rational especially on the use of a phone. Comparing specification and feature is a never ending act in technology.

5 Solid reason to choose Xiaomi Mi4

xiaomi mi4 vs iphone 6

i) Twice cheaper

I paid RM500 to fix my ipad screen, but I feel it’s ok to drop my phone when I got my xiaomi. Why? Because Xiaomi Mi4 cost about only 1.1k ringgit which is twice cheaper than iPhone 6. Think again why pay double when you can get a device that function more or less the same? Mi4 is a ‘throw-able’ android phone.

ii) Customizable

MiUI attracted thousand of developers and designers to develop themes for Mi users to use. With that you can customize every corner of android like the icons, lock screen, notification bar etc separately!

iii) Convenient

It’s a hype when you think the way of apple’s restricted iOS design is for the exclusive people. You cannot use your iPhone like an android which have file explorer and able to do what you want to do is because they want to dominate the market. I hate every time I’ve to find 3rd party solution to do simple thing in iOS, like transfer a small file to my phone.

iv) Constant and fast fix for bugs

Unlike other brands of android phone, you have to wait the next release to patch your phone’s bug, xiaomi knew the problem of android, so every month you’ve updates to ensure a smooth experience of using your device. If you’re advance user, get the developer version, you shall receive updates every week.

v) Battery

Mi4 come with 3080mAh massive battery capacity. That’s twice more capacity than the iPhone.