Why join ‘Hari Boikot McDonald’ Malaysia’ this friday?

Tomorrow, 8/8/2014 would be the ‘Hari Boikot McDonald Malaysia’. Some claimed McDonald Malaysia is funding Israel.

We are not surprise to see there were already number of democracy in front of McDonald especially KL. We assumed there were already prejudices toward Israel among the Malaysian. This can be seen when Gaza was attacked last time.

They are also boycott other brands like :

  1. Sodastream
  2. Marks & Spencer
  3. Morrisons
  4. Waitrose
  5. McDonalds
  6. Coca-Cola
  7. Motorola
  8. HP
  9. Nestle
  10. Revlon
  11. Ralph Lauren
  12. Starbucks

Boikot McDonald 2014

Hari Boikot McDonald

Below are some fact and stand gathered from those who are supporting this campaign.

– They boycott not because they hate the Israel people.

– They boycott because McDonald funding the Israel. (although McD Malaysia had issued a statement saying there will be no funding to be send to support Israel in the war of Israel between Gaza.)

– Even if they found a Muslim restaurant funding Israel, they will still boycott as in this movement they are not targeting who’s product is that or who is behind the products.

– They still use facebook which is founded by a Jewish. Why? Because they only boycott certain products of Israel that its profits goes into Israel.

– They boycott in a hope that they can raise awareness, so that in the future the people are aware of what they are spending.

– They claimed McD income will not be effected, just that maybe the market share will face a slightly drop.

– Malaysia McD franchisee still pays fees to McD Corp USA. So statement of McD Malaysia saying they are not supporting Israel is invalid according to Pengerusi Aqsa Syarif.

– They oppose Zionis, and gather for the justice of recent killed 1800 Palestine citizens.

– This campaign will last for 24 hour until the the Zionist of Israel relieved and leave Palestine.

As the majority of the Malaysian will be joining this movement, we actually are more interested in those who don’t give a shit. Please leave your point of view (if any) why you’re not supporting.