Malaysia government study whether to close Facebook

Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek from the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia said the Malaysia government will conduct studies whether to close down facebook as cases of abuse involving in the social networking site.

The government is collecting the views from the public as well. Up until now, there were about 2000 abuse cases reported to the authority. However, as the site has 15 million plus account in Malaysia, that small amount of abuse cases is far than enough to be the reason why the social networking site to be closed.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery also said many businesses depend on Facebook and it has nothing to do with politics and the government really have to look into the complaints to act rationally.

He advices the public users of Facebook to be more mature in the uses of online freedom of speech. Regard the individual who insulted Yang di-Pertuan Agong on internet, the MCMC is working with the police to track him down.

Meanwhile, former prime minister Dr Mahathir also posted a post regarding the internet censorship with 12 valid points. Here is one of it :

I don’t care how sacred is freedom but I think the time has come for Governments, at least the Malaysian Government to censor the internet.

He said he has changed his mind, because the internet today is unlike internet back in years.

Meanwhile, the public has also expressed their thoughts on the censorship matter. Most of them agreed that the internet had been misused but the censorship should only be done on the matter like pornography and pirated contents.