Popular Question of Malaysia Income Tax 2014

Of a truth, due to the new approach of Malaysia Income Tax 2014, people have been asking lots of question. Though, this article will give you hints on some question yet, you need to leverage a service of tax management expert.

Below are some of the regular questions from the Malaysia citizens with recommended resolves.

Popular Question of Malaysia Income Tax 2014

• Do I have to earn a specific amount before paying tax?

Certainly, before you will start paying tax, your annual earnings must be up to RM36,704. But that does

not stop you from opening a tax file.

• Will I get my tax reference number after my tax file registration?

Certainly you will get your tax reference number, no matter where you register your tax file. Moreover,

you should be aware that you can register tax file online.

• Can an alien working in a Malaysia company pay tax?

Once, you have stay in Malaysia for 6 months, you are prone and expected to pay tax.

• Since, my employer has undertaken Potongan Cukai Bulanah program, can I file my tax


Potongan Cukai Bulanah is a monthly tax deduction undertaken by an employer on behalf of his or her

employee. Certainly, as an employee if you notice that your employer has made an overpayment in

this scheme because appropriate reliefs were not deducted for you. You can apply and file for your tax


• Is application of joint assessment for married couples possible?

Certainly, it is possible, if your tax situation demand of it. Generally, spouse should pay tax separately if

their separate annual incomes reach the annual authorized taxable incomes.

• Which type of tax reliefs and tax rebates can I claim?

Indeed, as Malaysian resident, you are qualified to claim for any tax relief and tax rebate that suit

your personalities and condition. However, it is advisable you consult a tax expert or you can refer to

Malaysia Income Tax Guide 2014 for proper directives.

• Can I claim children relief, if my wife is still pregnant during my tax season?

Certainly, tax relief is only applicable for born children. In that regard, you cannot claim for your unborn


• Can I claim a tax relief on my tablet device?

Based on the 2013 assessment year, you cannot claim for relief for your machinery devices such as

laptop and computer.