From homeless to a Linkedin Engineer: “Never say you can’t”

Meet Ricky Sidhu who was once a homeless guy now still chasing his dream to become a better front end engineer. He’s currently working in Linkedin as one of the most important technical guy. His path to Linkedin unlike others, he had a hard time as a teen.

He dreamed to become an engineer when he was young. But due to the lost of his father at the age of 14, he struggled with critical financial circumstances to get himself an education opportunity.

“In the beginning was in grief, but the reality soon woke me up and I realized that , as the eldest in the family , the family is now all depend on me to bear the responsibilities which my father used to bear, including looking for my sister a suitable husband , as well as my mother’s living hood . “

He then went to overseas to seek for exposure as he was lacking of money to start something in India. He was rejected by four nation but he managed to convince France in the end and live there as a foreign student.

As a student in France, he have to find himself a shelter and work in order to survive. The first semester he left 600USD with him after he paid all the fees.

I’m not French-speaking, there is no place to live. I homeless for two days before I move to a place and work as a dishwasher.

Later on, Sidhu became one of the shareholder of a hotel within 5 years time. But he did not satisfied although his life got improved. Because he never forget his dream, that is to become a great engineer.

I have always tried my best to realize my dream

He left Paris and joined Hack Reactor to study in Silly Valley. He catch up so well and now he’s doing what he love in Linkedin as a software engineer.

Here are 3 advise he would like to share :

1.  There will be always some people tell you that you cannot do this or not but let not them to measure you. You must continue to struggle for your dreams.

2. In life there are always ups and downs, and if you fall down, just get up and continue to walk. Advancement of even a small step could means you are closer to your goal than before.

3. Impossible is not a word because before you try, you never know what you can accomplish.