Li Kah Shing : 3 kinds of money that will make you earn more

There are 3 mysterious types of money in this world. The more you spend, the more you earn. Seriously? I thought we should save money to accumulate wealth. Below is the advices given by the south-east Asia richest Li Kah Sing.

1. Filial love

As a filial child, you must give allowance to your parents on a regular basis. Some people think t hat giving allowance to their own parents will make them even poor. In some cases, some parents do not expect anything from their children. In spite of that, giving allowance to your own parents is still compulsory.

Despite your financial situation, you should always have enough money and offer it to your parents on a regular basis. Try to see that from another standpoint, your parents did not abandon you even when they were in debt or not having enough money, didn’t they? Now it is the time for you to look after them like they did for you. Being poor or rich is not an excuse because taking care of your parents is part of the duty in your life. There is a belief that taking care of your parents are an opportunity to succeed. So, it is not only good to your parents but also to you. According to the reports, over 500 successful entrepreneurs love their parents as much as they love themselves. These 500 successful entrepreneurs include some very famous entrepreneurs from Taiwan namely Mr.Wang Yung ching, Mr GOU, Kao and Mr Cai Hongtu. They are not only a successful entrepreneur but also a filial son. Regardless of how your life is, weather you are in debt or unemployed, there is no excuse not to give them any allowance. After all, they gritted their teeth and raised you up.

If you do not have any income yet, you must always obey what they say in order to respect them. When there is a disagreement between you and your parents, try to discuss the matter with them calmly instead of dispute. There are hardly parents on earth who do not wish their children to be successful. Most parents are direct perhaps this has something to do with the way they grew up. If you come to terms with their direct behaviour, then you will be able to understand them better.

2. Infusing yourself with knowledge

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Money must be spent on learning. Assuming that Bill Gates was taken to Africa from America without letting him to spend a single cent, he would be wealthier than now. Because the most valuable asset is the good brain he has in his head. In other words, invest the money in learning to make yourself wiser is the best way to secure your life without getting starved.

Many people will probably disagree with that: ” How do I get money for learning? I don’t even have enough money for my daily meals! Moreover, learning will not make me a smart person instantaneously.” These people will never be able see their lives further and they will always be in a rut. In actuality, if a situation is seemingly hopeless, the only possible thing to do in order to make a great comeback is to utilize the brain that you have. Therefore, it is very important to infuse yourself with knowledge. Because a poor brain makes a person even poor.

There are many people around us agonize over finance. Instead of finding a better solution, they work aimlessly for their entire lives to pay off bills or to clear their debts. If you have a tunnel vision and you do not learn to see things from other aspects, then your whole life is all about paying bills or clearing debts. It is a very stressful life being a slave to debt.

The difficulties in life are something you have to triumph over through trial and error. Only then, you will become wiser and smarter. A smart person will learn from the experiences of others to avoid making the same mistake again. Therefore, money must be spent on learning. Even if it gets you in the red, you will realize that it is eventually worth it. Knowledge is a bonanza, it will never make you poor. If someday you are in a terrible plight, do not fret, it is never to late to learn!

Many people might say that they are impecunious. In fact, those who say that have probably squandered the money they had on something worthless. Lacking money for learning is not an excuse. If you want to change your life but not motivated enough to get the fees for learning. How will you triumph over the difficulties in your life if you do not make a move? Do not run away from the problems, always be prepared to overcome them is the right path to success.

Learning does not cost much money but making a mistake in today’s society may incur you a tremendous debt, troubles, even danger to your life. Paying some small fees to someone who is wise and smart for guiding us may potentially save you from getting into big troubles. If you are smart, you should be clear by now what is worth and what is not.

3. Always remember to give


The author of the best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, said that his rich dad believe in the saying ‘ No pain, No gain’. It always had been his habit since his rich dad was young. In spite of the poor financial situation, he always gave out some money to the society on a regular basis. As a result of that, he became richer and richer. Whereas his poor dad always said, ‘I will give out some money, if only I have more money’. He never had more money to give out even until the day of his demise. Regardless of how poor you are, there are still millions of people who are less fortunate than you. Developing the habit of giving back to the society is a virtue. Just imagine how much you can help by giving out some little tips to those people who strive hard for their families. You should always show compassion to those who work hard and give out what you can afford with generosity. If your thoughts are in a positive circulation, the little amount of money you give to help those who need it, it is like those successful entrepreneurs who give out 20 million dollars.

If you are a successful owner of a company, do not forget the success mainly attributed to the employees who strove for you. Therefore, they deserve to be rewarded. As mentioned, regardless of how poor you are, there are still many unfortunate souls somewhere in the world. If you are so poor that you can not even help yourself, then you should just appreciate your job and give your best to repay the company you work at.

As to the slumping economy,you should be thankful that you still have a job that enables you to put food on the table. In spite of low wages and incredibly much workload, you should be very grateful and endeavour to complete every task as well as try to get along well with the manager. Although some managers are gruelling to work with, you should reckon this as a challenge to improve ourselves. There is a very old saying, ‘a reasonable demand is a training, while an unreasonable demand is a challenge’. It does make sense, doesn’t it?

All the managers have to start from the bottom of the ladder to become a manager. They sacrifice much time,effort and they obviously have much experience in order to be elevated to a manager. Conversely, if you can not be a competent subordinate, you will never get elevated. How you treat your superior will affect how your subordinates treat you. What goes around, comes around. One way or the other, communication will often offer you the best solution. Try to understand the need of your manager and give your best to satisfy his demands. That should at least improve the working relationship.

All in all, do more good deeds and spread more good words. A genuine smile or a honest praise, it always makes others to get around with you easier. This is also considered as giving.