Recipients agreed to stop BR1M

Datuk Seri Hasan Malek made a statement regarding the new  fuel price hike will not burden the people. He supports and urge the people to trust on the prime minister as every movements is to strengthen the country’s economic.

He said that we all should wait for the good news in coming Bajet 2015 which is going to be presented by Najib next week. Despite GST and the new 20 sen fuel price hike, he urge all of us should be positive as we are toward to become a developed nation.

On the other hand, some of the recipients of BR1M whine about the high living cost problem.

“As a BR1M recipient I admit the aid was useful, but that couldn’t last long, it last not longer than few months. The RM 300 extra in the upcoming BR1M 4.0 will not be enough to cushion the price hike of other goods. I would rather not receive any aid if the price of goods can be lowered.” said Zainal Ramli, 39.

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20 sen naik RON95

Another recipient of BR1M urged the government to stop subsidies of other controlled goods. Updated : Click here for Borang BR1M.

“I am a supporter of Umno and BN, but I felt very disappointed with the action of them raising the price of RON95 and diesel by 20 sen, because there is other better options. Abolish BR1M if that is the way they want our money. The price hike of fuel means higher cost of living as that caused price hike of many other goods as well. That would be a burden to us.”