5 tips to overcome fuel hike

The extra 20 sen per liter is nothing if you are aware of the proper ways driving your vehicles. Below is the top 5 working but rare mentioned tips on how you can save money on the road.

1. Schedule maintenance

This is important to keep your car at the best condition. Check major component like engine and tires to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption. Problematic car consume more 10% on the road, so send your car to the nearby workshop today.

2. Stop the engine while waiting

If you need to wait for more than 1 minutes, it’s advisable you just turn off the car’s engine.  Believe it or not, engine burns more fuel during the idle mode of a car than moving.

3. Remove unnecessary  weights

syilling kereta

Take off the coins or your malfunctioning backup tire at the back.

4. Fill only 70% of petrol

isi minyak

We tend to fill full tank for the sake of convenient  but there will be extra weight to the car if we do so. 70% is ideal  because the car carry less weight on the road.

5. Accelerate at the right speed

For the cities’ street road, 40-50 km/h is the best speed to avoid unwanted waste. There are too many traffic lights and we consistently have to use the brake pedal. On the high way, 80-90 km/h save 20% than 110km/h. 

Please share if you find this useful. Happy driving!