Blood Moon Malaysia falls on 8 October 2014

Blood Moon, also as known as gerhana bulan can be seen on 8 October, Wednesday here in Malaysia. Malaysia uses the time zone of UTC +8:00 so the scene estimated will start from 5:15pm to night time 8:30pm.

For East Malaysia residents, moonrise is slightly early, at around 6:30pm the moon is clear in the sky. While in KL, the sunset only start to happen around 7:15pm, so you may only see the moon after 7:30pm, when the sun is fully gone from the sky.

Time by states :

blood moon time malaysia

The clearness of the blood moon still depend on the haze’s condition, which lat ely it was quite terrifying.

Angkasa said there probably will have few meteor showers strikes for the lucky one.

blood moon

The total duration of this time blood moon is about 58 minutes. The next time would be on April 2015 in case you missed it. Get your binoculars ready!