BR1M 2015 will be paid 3 times annually

So here it comes a better version of BR1M – at least to discourage BR1M recipients to simply spend their allowances on the unnecessary things, it’s confirmed that BR1M 2015 will be paid 3 times for next year. The recipients shall receive they payment in January, Mei and September 2015.

This was announced by our PM in today’s in the Bajet 2015. The amount of the allowances has gone up as well. Unlike last year, this time the eligibility has been broaden to the families who earn RM4000 or below a month.

The infographic below explained the qualified groups and new amounts :

syarat br1m 2015

The first group and the second group (RM950 & RM750) shall be paid in January, May and September 2015. While for the BR1M bujang – those who aged 21 or above and earn not more than RM2000 a month, RM350 will be paid in January next year.

In the meantime, the government will replace the Takaful Insurance Group or i-BR1M to the Family Bereavement Scheme which will effective for a year.